MESPA: Self Rating Scale

Mental Health, Emotional Intelligence, Self Esteem, Personality and Achievement Motivation


Shyny T.Y, Dr.A.Velayudhan, 

  • ISBN: 978-81-939455-4-4
  • DIP: 18.10.939455.44
  • DOI: 10.25215/978-81-939455-4-4
  • Language: English
  • Time Taken: 10-15 Min.
  • Age Range: 11-35 years
  • Administration: Single & Group
  • Type: Paper-pencil
  • Price: 20000 (INR)​
  • Price: 300 (USD)
MESPA Self Rating Scale is a new and challenging tool for measuring all personal aspects like mental health, emotional intelligence, self esteem, personality  and achievement motivation at a time. Really it was too hard for constructing such a tool because of the unavailability of existing tool for measuring two or more human aspects at a time. First attempt was constructing an alternative tool for NEOFFI with 60 items. Actually  it was also a difficult task because NEOFFI consists only the items of Mental health (Neuroticism) and Personality. The Reliability and Validity of  the MESPA Self Rating scale with 45 items was satisfactory. After a short period an insight get on the construction of  a new parallel instrument, MESPA Self Rating Scale with 25 items. I had shared this new insight with my guide Dr. A. Velayudhan. He had accepted this idea as a good task and also appreciated me for such an explorative work. He gave all kinds of support and encouragement for me throughout this work. The result and conclusion of this study provide necessary information for future research in clinical and Educational field. This tool could be implemented to generate better understanding on adolescents by parents, teachers, psychologist or counsellors to find various personality and mental health problems and to provide  various  prevention- intervention programmes for both parents as well as their adolescents and also useful to update the curriculum of secondary as well as higher secondary schools of our country depends upon their Personal aspects.
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